Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's a Great Thing

For those of you who are afraid to try painting outside in a public place because you don't want people to watch you work, I gotta tell ya, it's really a great thing. People who stop to look at what we're doing always have kind words. While I was out painting Saturday morning -- with my friends Monica and Rosemary, who both did some great work out there -- an elderly gentleman came up to study my painting. From the few comments he made, I could tell he was an artist, and we proceeded to have a very nice chat. And then he left me with these words: "God bless you and God bless your art. It's a great thing you're doing... great for yourself and great for all who see it." Wow!! That is a moment I will treasure always.

Now about this painting, I'm trying to push myself in some new directions to see where things will lead. I let the painting stay very loose, and I tried to include some big, bold strokes of heavy paint. I always like the way they look in other people's paintings but I'm never really satisfied with how they look in mine. I'm letting this one sit overnight to see how I like it in the morning. What do you think?


  1. I really like it. It has mystery. I like your colours and the way the sky and foliage are reflected in what must be a lake or pond. Maybe just focus on a small section as a focal point (it looks like you've already done that)and leave the rest as it is.
    libiart (Australia)

  2. Thanks! You know how it is when you're trying to do something different - it feels a little weird at first. I appreciate your positivity!

  3. Nice color harmony and mood. You still have that poetic soul that I noticed in Nelsonville when we first met. Just keep on painting, and pushing.

  4. I think your work is beautiful! I love this piece. Your colors, depth and reflection. Stunning!

    Jenni :-)