Sunday, August 2, 2009

One-Hour Paintings

Ah, the joys of plein-air painting in Ohio. If the bugs aren't biting, the sky is threatening. But I wouldn't change a thing about it!

It just so happens that my last several Saturday morning paint-outs have coincided with cloudy days, which is what prompted me to paint super fast. All of these are one-hour (or less) paintings. I seem to be able to move faster with the palette knife than with the brush, so I used one of my favorite tools for all of them. It's a great exercise if you've never tried it. It really forces you to focus on your big shapes and get to the essence of your subjects. But I still paid attention to harmonizing the color relationships.


  1. Hi, Jennifer, these are so interesting and indicate a certainty and simplicity that is lovely. While looking at them I was struck by a shift in even the color palette from the lush Renoiresque to a vibratory pin-pointed use of color. They remind me that all the right stuff is there at the beginning.


  2. These are incredible for one hour paintings. You certainly captured the mood and atmosphere. Amazing work.