Thursday, October 15, 2009

Marketing Insight

Wow! I'm doing some research for my upcoming workshop on marketing for artists (see the description to the left for more details), and just came across a surprising new statistic. Remember how marketers used to say it required at least 5 contacts before you captured someone's attention with your marketing? Statistics now show it takes between 9 and 27 messages to capture someone's attention! We're so bombarded with marketing messages that we've become very adept at tuning them out! Good thing there are now more vehicles to deliver those marketing messages than ever.

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  1. Hi Jennifer. I just came across your blog and look forward to future posts! You are so right. We are surrounded by ads everywhere. It is a tough world to compete in. I have been focussing more on my creativity since my job was eliminated over a year ago and hope to get something going with it. It looks like your blog may give some insight. Thanks! I am proud to be your 100th follower. Connie